Triple Luxury Tent

Triple Tent Description

The Triple Luxury Tent is ideal for a group of friends and families with kids. Each tent is separated from other tents in our luxury desert camp, which provides privacy to our dear guests.

The Tiple Royal Tent contains 3 separate (1 double & 1 separate) comfortable beds with luxury linens + blankets. It is decorated in traditional style with nomadic Berber rugs on the ground. Private bathroom and shower inside the tent along with locally sourced bath products + cotton towels.

Our desert camp permits you to enjoy the marvelous views of sea sand and the highest dunes. Dunes Luxury Camp team wishing you a relaxed and great stay!

Best Pricing for triple private tent: 300 EUR ( 3 people )

Tent/Room Facilities

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Other Luxury Tents

Dunes Luxury Camp managers offering you a variety of luxury tents. These beautifully decorated tents will suit the needs of every group size. Let us know what we can do to make your experience unforgettable. We can assist you with anything possible. 

Description of Single Luxury Tent

Single Luxury Tent

1 Person: 150 € / Night

Double/Twin Luxury Tent DUNES LUXURY CAMP

Double Luxury Tent

2 People: 220 € / Night

Twin Luxury Tent

2 People: 220 € / Night

Quadruple Luxury Tent

4 People: 370 € / Night